Friday, May 15, 2015

Another 39 West Leyden Faculty/Staff Become Google Educators

A few months ago, a first group of West Leyden faculty and staff completed their 4-month journey to becoming Google Educators (blog post here).  With the success of that program, it was decided to immediately run it again but with an accelerated timeline.  As of today, 39 more West Leyden faculty and staff have become Google Educators.  Here is some info from West Leyden librarian Janine Asmus (@asmusj), one of the organizers and leaders of this program:
"The educators and Support Staff members listed below committed to a whirlwind professional development experience!  They attended 10 Lunch and Learn sessions that began in early April and ended today.  They became Google Educators by studying independently and reviewing with us. They took detailed exams on Gmail, Docs/Drive, Calendar, Sites and the Chrome browser.  They earned an 80% or better on each test. 
Upon reflection, what made this professional development opportunity work so well was the willingness of our participants.  They were eager to learn more about the tools they use daily. Moreover, we enjoyed the collegiality and camaraderie we experienced. Having a technology coach and a librarian partner to deliver much-needed content was a win/win."
Rick MasonTerie CollettiJill Ethridge
Nadia Ruiz-LopezPete Karamitos
ArtAysha ShedbalkarJessica Kelly
Lynette RosenShelia Kraft
MusicLaura Moran
Business EdPatrick BakerRosanne Orsi
Eric McFaddenStacy Cunningham
Tim MurphyMichelle VazquezSupport Staff
Frank Bavone
EnglishPELouise Jarke
Kerri KennedyMark ValintisJuli Kasper
Steve MartenMary Kelly
John RossiScienceLilli Kruml
Karen SchumppPat GodziszewskiIsabelle Pouliot-Kunca
Georgia StavrouliasHina PatelStephanie Ramirez
Melissa PreglerKim Rentner
Ind TechKeith Rogers
Frank HolthouseSocial StudiesDaina Shuipys
David RoseJasmina Sleimovic
Caryn Thomas

A big congratulations goes out to all of the Leyden faculty and staff that have become Google Educators this year!  We are hoping to expand this program to even more people next year.  In the meantime, I'd appreciate hearing from the newest Leyden Google Educators about their experience and why this became a goal of theirs.  Please leave a comment on this post.