Thursday, March 1, 2012

Use Screencasts To Provide Feedback To Students On Their Digital Assignments

The following video shows a great way to use screencasts to provide feedback to students on their digital assignments.  This comes from Amy Mayer's Fried Technology blog.  I absolutely love this concept and think that pairing a verbal response to student work with all the great written collaboration that can take place today (i.e. Google Docs comments) is just outstanding.  While this video specifically demonstrates the use of the free Jing screencasting application and Google Docs, I think it can easily be expanded to other screencast tools and used to provide feedback on almost any type of digital work.  Well, maybe not multimedia projects that have sound, but just about everything else.  For example, you could create a screencast with your feedback as you navigate through a student's slideshow, digital presentation, Themeefy or Storify project, and much more.  I especially like this idea in language classes as it allows for teachers to provide verbal feedback in the language being studied.  Although this process does require a little investment of time to setup the first time you run through it, I think the overall benefit would be well worth it.