Monday, August 20, 2012

Flashcards Anywhere and Anytime with StudyBlue

During the first week of school in our new 1:1 environment, I had a few teachers inquire about different options for getting their students to use flashcards on their Chromebooks. I'm excited to share what I think could be a helpful and standard way of using online flashcards in our district.  Allow me to introduce you to StudyBlue. Here are some of the things I love about StudyBlue:

  • It works on any device: Chromebook, PC, MAC, Android device, and iPhone/iPad.  This allows teachers and students to create and study flashcards anywhere and anytime.
  • There is a Chrome web app that allows our teachers and students to log in with their Google Apps accounts.  By the way, this app has already been pushed out to all Leyden students, so they already have it.  Gotta' love the app management of the Chromebooks!
  • It's easy for teachers to create flashcard sets and share them with their students.
  • It's easy for students to create their own flashcard sets and they can share them with their friends.
  • Flashcards can contain images and audio clips.
  • Students can choose how many and in what order the flashcards appear.
  • Students identify which flashcards they have learned and can re-study only those they need to continue working with.
  • Students can monitor their progress after each review of a flashcard set.
  • Students can set alerts to notify them when it's time to study the flashcards again.
  • Teachers and students can search for thousands of public flashcard sets that have already been created.
  • Teachers and students can import material from Excel files or csv files.
  • Flashcard sets can be edited after they've been created.
  • Flashcard sets can be made public, public but anonymous, private, and even password protected.
  • It's FREE!
The following video shows how a teacher can create a flashcard set and share it with his/her students.  The video has been optimized for 720 HD resolution, so be sure to change your playback settings.


  1. Thanks BW. This is cool (and helpful). Loved the MNF audio clip too.


  2. Bryan,

    Thanks for the great write up and video! If you or any of your readers have more questions or suggestions for StudyBlue feel free to reach out to us at or info(at)studyblue (dot)com.

    Jenny Bradley

  3. This is great post. Have you ever tried If not, I would recommend that as an alternative. The UI on superflashcard seems to be easier to follow. They also can run on any devices which include blackberry and window phones.