Friday, February 7, 2014

Supercharge and Personalize Videos for Your Students with EDpuzzle

By now, most educators have found that video can be a powerful tool to integrate into their lessons.  Some are creating their own.  Some are just finding and sharing clips with their students.  Some are even going as far as flipping their classrooms.  Whatever the use, video adds another engaging layer to good teaching and can expand learning opportunities to outside of the classroom that students can pause, rewind, and replay.  Yesterday, I learned about an incredible new tool from Kelly Tenkely's outstanding iLearn Technology blog called EDpuzzle that allows teachers to first supercharge and personalize the videos they want to use before sharing them with their students.  Some of the key features of  EDpuzzle include the following:
  • Creation of "classes" that students can easily join with an access code
  • Ability to find or upload videos
  • Ability to crop videos to only use what is needed
  • Ability to add your own voice as audio notes or voice-overs into the videos
  • Ability to embed questions at any point into the videos to check for understanding or serve as a quiz
  • Ability to assign videos to be watched
  • Class progress reports to determine which students have viewed each video and the "grade" they received from the questions they answered
  • Student overview reports to view how each student answered the embedded questions
If you use video with your students, this is definitely one tool to look into!  If you're not creating your own videos yet, this tool might just help jump-start your recording and producing career.

I recorded a screencast of the demo from their website.  Check it out:

UPDATED INFO (to original post)

I just learned about another great feature that was just added to EDpuzzle earlier this week.

  • "Project Based Learning" - Teachers can assign a project to their students and the students are the ones that use the video editing tools to create a lesson. Then the teacher receives (privately) all the videos and gives feedback and grade each video. Finally and the coolest part of all, the teacher can save the best lessons and assign them to the rest of the class.