Thursday, November 17, 2011

Web Video Leads to Crowd-Accelerated Innovation

I came across this video from one of my favorite blogs, The Committed Sardine, and was very intrigued by the newly coined concept of crowd-accelerated innovation. Actually, the concept itself is not new, but the explosion of web video and social networking takes it onto a global stage and changes the faces in the crowd, both in number and in perspective. This becomes really powerful and fosters new crowd-accelerated innovations . I started to wonder about how we, as educators, are preparing our students for this type of world and how web video and social networking will end up changing teaching and learning. Already, YouTube has vaulted up the charts as one of the top web resources to use to search for information and social networking sites allow for the sharing of these discoveries at a fevered pitch. How will this reshape education as we know it? Are we embracing these technologies or are we not spending enough time to learn how best to integrate them and utilize the good they can do? We constantly hear about the negatives of these types of media, but looking beneath the surface, we may discover tremendous opportunities that can lead to our end goal... student learning and achievement. I will certainly continue thinking about the power of web video, crowd-accelerated innovation, and their relationship to education and would love to hear your thoughts. The original clip and other TED talks can be found here.

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