Thursday, November 17, 2011

Work Together On Research with Search Team

Thanks to the Technology Tidbits blog I learned about Search Team. This collaborative search engine allows users to create SearchSpaces and then invite others to join in the research. I really like this tool as an alternate to having a team of people do searches in isolation and then share their findings via email, wiki, social bookmarks, or other digital format. Search Team is specifically designed for finding and organizing resources as a team and allows each team member to add resources, folders, comments, files, annotations, and more. There is even an ongoing log of recent activity for team members to review when they log in. I can see this being used by both teams of teachers and teams of students for various research projects. If a teacher assigns students to work together and set up a SearchSpace, I'd recommend having them add the teacher as a team member. This way the teacher can easily monitor the work of the group and review the activity log to make sure everyone is pulling their weight. For those schools using Google Apps for Education, it gets even better because you can have/require your team members to use their Google accounts to sign in. Please consider leaving a comment with your thoughts or success stories. Here an intro video clip with more info about Search Team: